Auto Accident Treatment

If you’ve been hurt in a car accident (MVA), I can help you in 3 ways:

I can treat your soft tissue injuries

I have years of experience working with people like you, those with acute injuries and chronic ones.  Whether your accident was yesterday or a few months ago, or a few years ago, you may still be in acute pain and need expert care.  I will work at the level of your body’s receptivity, meaning that I will never go too deep for you, or beyond your pain threshold.  We will work together at your body’s pace to maximize the time on my table and get you back to living your life as quickly and carefully as possible.  I’ll do my part, you do yours.  (Your includes rest, care, and proper nutrition while you heal and beyond.)

Here is an abbreviated list of what I can help you overcome:  neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, back pain, hip pain (Getting the picture?  ANY muscle or joint pain!!)….. etc.  Frozen shoulder, plantar fasciitis, tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ dysfunction, and sciatica.  Think of it this way, if some area of pain feels better when you massage it yourself, imagine how much more improvement you can have when you allow a professional bodyworker to treat those injuries!

I can bill your insurance so you won’t have any out of pocket expenses to see me

I’ve been billing for MVAs for over 2 decades, let me take the stress out of your recovery.

If you need info sent to your attorney, I can do that, too.

I can help you find other practitioners to supplement your needs (acupuncture, chiropractic, physical therapy, yoga, etc.)

Please don’t hesitate to ask me about other practitioners (even other massage therapists or Rolfers), I’m happy to help you find the right match for your body and your schedule.

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