For PARENTS, TEACHERS, or anyone in the WORKPLACE.

Please read anything by Alfie Kohn.  Right now I’m reading “Punished by Rewards” and “Unconditional Parenting.”  I can’t say enough about these books and the brilliance contained within the pages.  None of this is new, it’s not pop-psychology, and everything he talks about is backed up by tons of research by various people over the course of years.

“Punished by Rewards” will help you if you have a child, work in a school, or have a job.  Seriously.  ESPECIALLY if you are a teacher or manager in the latter two positions.

“Unconditional Parenting” is the book that explains why traditional methods of parenting don’t work for parent or child in the long run, and what does.  If you want short-term compliance with your kids, keep using rewards and punishments.  If you want a close relationship built on trust and love, where REAL learning, critical thinking, and creativity will thrive, read this book.

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