About Jenny Rock, LMT and Certified Rolfer

I began my life as a bodyworker in 1988 when I attended massage school, while completing my BA in Psychology.  As my practice developed and expanded over the years, I found that my preference was for deep tissue massage, or something I now call “medical massage,” for those with pain (chronic or acute), which led me to become a Certified Rolfer in 2001.

Over the years I have trained in many bodywork modalities, but my favorites are  Rolfing, Myofascial Release,  Neuromuscular Therapy, cupping and guasha.  I seem to have a knack for blending the science of massage with the art of listening to my intuition — and that has led to a fulfilling practice for myself and my clients.



In addition to my Rolfing certification, I am also trained in the application of Kinesiotape, a medical and athletic taping system that helps the body recover from pain, injury, and bruising, while also supporting the muscles and stabilizing joints.  While this is not part of traditional Rolfing, I do occasionally employ the use of Kinesiotape during the Rolfing Series.

In all aspect of my work with minds, bodies, and spirits, it is my goal to help people remove blocks, get to the next level, and catapult forward.  Whether we are doing the Rolfing Series, or session work outside of it, my goal is to help you while you’re on AND off my table.

Maxfield cupping

Cupping on my 8 year old son in Dec 2011. He loves it.

I am married to a wonderful man who wears many professional hats, and we have an amazing son in seventh grade.  We were thrilled to move to Portland in 2012  and love every minute of it!

Feel free to call or email me with any questions you may have. I’m looking forward to speaking with you!




(OR Lic#19379)

(FL Lic#9869, since 1989)