Financial Info

Bodywork Rates

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All Rolfing is always the same price, regardless of the amount of time spent (though it’s usually 75-90 minutes).  All sessions by Jenny or Michael is considered Rolfing, even though it could seem like deep tissue or injury rehab.  Jenny is the only person trained in the administration of Correct Toes® and application of Kinesio® Tex Tape. 

For other forms of massage, you will need to see one of the other qualified LMTs in the office, and the prices for both are below (payment at time of service rates). You are only charged for time spent on the table, not for intake or other time.

INSURANCE claims (health, auto, and workman’s compensation) are billed per unit based on the Oregon fee schedule.

ROLFING –  Jenny or Michael:

$145 – Rolfing (Series, Tune-up, or stand-alone sessions) – approximately 75 minutes

MASSAGE – LEANN – Swedish, sports massage, deep Swedish)

$65 – 60 minutes

$95 – 90 minutes

MASSAGE – JESSICA (Swedish, geriatric, people with cancer, ALS, etc.) (outcalls available for an extra fee)

$75 – 60 minutes

$105 – 90 minutes

MASSAGE – JAMES (deep tissue, deep Swedish, injury recovery, some outcalls with extra fee)

$80 – 60 minutes

$120 – 90 minutes

$160 – 2 hours


$120 – 90 minutes

Rates apply to cash, check, and debit card payments only.  Insurance fees are based strictly on the local fee schedule for manual therapy and they change as the fee scheduled changes (which we can discuss).

We accept cash, checks, Visa, and MasterCard (debit or charge).   When covered, we can bill your insurance company for you for either direct payment to us, or reimbursement to you.  We can also provide receipts for your taxes or for your Flexible Spending Plan.  (Most Flex plans have a debit card that we can also bill.)chair-massage-to-shoulders

We NEVER want finances to be the thing to keep you from the bodywork you need.  Please let us know if you have financial concerns — perhaps we can work out some creative way to handle the fees. Sliding scale may be available.

We can arrange for Chair Massage on site for your office or special event.  Prices will be negotiated based on many factors.  (There is a minimum of $1.00 per minute, with travel and set-up time extra depending on the situation.)  Contact us to discuss your situation.  (info at BodyBalancePortland dot com)                    

Gift Certificates in any amount are available year-round.  They can even be mailed to your loved-one directly.