Redirect Your Life – Northwest (Weekend Workshop)

Whether you’re feeling stuck in some area of your life, or you’d like to springboard faster into your next adventure, the Redirect Your Life experience is for you. Based on the work of Dr. Alfred Adler (Humanistic Psychology), this course will help you explore belief systems that aren’t working, and help you shift into more alignment with healthier and better functioning belief systems.

The first course in Portland will be the weekend of July 14, 15, and 16, held at the Oregon School of Massage on Barbur Blvd. in Portland. It is our plan to offer these courses quarterly, until there is more demand, and then to increase to every 5-6 weeks.

For more info, please visit the home website of the course here: MC Insights (RYL)

For questions, please contact either Mel Fergenbaum (Cell: 727-580-1842) or Jenny Rock (503-345-7660).

Thanks for your interest!!