Michael Valenti, BA, LMT, Certified Advanced Rolfer™

When the body is out of structural balance, movement is harder and often causes excessive wear and pain. Through Rolfing® I felt as though the forces of gravity were on my side. Instead of working against my body, everyday movements became easier and pain-free. As my body slowly changed (and continues to change), my ideas about health, healing and personal growth have been transformed.

Throughout my own journey in health and healing, I have been a movement educator. For more than 15 years I practiced and taught gymnastics a various gyms across the country. In 1996 I formed the first boys gymnastics team at Adlai E. Stevenson High School in Illinois. I graduated from the University of Montana, where I also practiced gymnastics, in 2001.

After years of athletics—two marathons, acrobatics, dancing, lacrosse, fencing and music—I began to notice pain in my body. I found myself wanting a more balanced and individual approach to body development and awareness. In my search for sustainable and empowering health, I received the Rolfing® Ten Series and have been studying and advocating Rolfing® Structural Integration ever since. I graduated from The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration® in Boulder, Colorado, in 2008.

I’ve continued my study of bodywork through diverse approaches, such as primitive reflexive movements (embryological and early development), space awareness body-mapping with SourcePoint Therapy®, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Diaphragmatic releasing and balancing, as well as Yoga, Thai Chi and Qi-Gong.

I am licensed to practice Rolfing® and Massage Therapy in Oregon by the Oregon Board of Massage Therapists, LMT #18427.



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