Ryan Hofer, LMT, Certified Rolfer ™


As a practitioner of Structural Integration (SI), and someone who has experienced, firsthand, the life-changing benefits of Rolfing, I believe spatial medicine can be your go-to option for addressing your health concerns, rather than a last resort.

My life is a case study in how SI can help. Despite leading an active, healthy lifestyle that included practicing Ki Aikido, exercise, and yoga, as well as studying nutrition, I suffered for years from chronic stiffness and pelvic imbalances – the result of bi-inguinal hernia surgery I had when I was just five years old. After mixed results from traditional medicine, a nurse practitioner suggested Rolfing to me, and after just one session my body felt more alive – so much so that I almost cried. Rolfing and SI profoundly released much of my past surgery trauma, and also improved my mental health.

Today, as a certified SI and Rolfing practitioner, I am calm, pain-free and motivated to help people suffering from chronic pain and imbalances begin their own transformational journey towards better health and well being.

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