Each pair of Correct Toes ® is $65.00, regardless of size.  Correct Toes ® come in small, medium, and large.   MOST adults will use a medium.  Please note, sizes are based on TOE size and metatarsal width, NOT shoe size.  For more info on both sizing and modification, please go here:  https://www.correcttoes.com/foot-help/sizing/

Shipping is not included, and price varies on location, using ACTUAL shipping rates.  However, the package isn’t heavy, so the cost is minimal.  I can take Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal.   Please contact me any time with questions.


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Feel free to contact me for assistance prior to purchasing.

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Created from high-quality silicone, Correct Toes are an anatomically shaped toe spacer, designed to return toes back into natural position. Correct Toes are most effective when used while active, either barefoot, or within naturally shaped footwear.
In order to wear Correct Toes ® while being active, you will need shoes that have enough room in them.  You can see Dr. McClanahan’s list of footwear here:  https://www.correcttoes.com/foot-help/shoe-list/correct-toes-approved-shoes.

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