“Gaining a higher sense of structural order in our bodies can be a relaxing, calming and pleasant experience.”
Michael Valenti


As a Certified Rolfer™, I help my clients restore their body’s natural movement through structural alignment interventions and holistic bodywork. My philosophy on bodywork and therapeutic massage is based on a relational approach to each individual. Every body is different, so the starting point, speed of transition, and outcome of the work will be unique to each client.

Some people are looking for relief from pain, others a desire for change in their body and their lives. Some clients desire efficiency and speed in athletic endeavors, some want relief from a car accident or specific moment of trauma, and others seek a transformation not only of the body but of the mind and spirit as well.

Rolfing® is a holistic technique; changes in structure can impact the whole person, physically, emotionally, and energetically. As a result, many individuals who complete a Ten Series in Structural Integration find something serene, beautiful, and unexpected in addition to achieving their initial goal.

For me, along with relief from pain from a sports injury, I found a renewed sense of enjoyment in simple daily activities. I was amazed—not only had the pain subsided, but I found a calming sense of ease and grace in my movements.