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  1. Rane dae says:

    For years, I’ve suffered from chronic pain and weakness in my right arm due to extensive soft tissue damage from a car accident. In just a few sessions, Jenny worked out most of the kinks and I have enjoyed much improved range of motion and strength. It’s been over 3 years since those sessions and the pain has yet to return.

    What was really interesting was how she worked. Her hands seemed to “ask” my body what happened while she asked me questions. It felt as if we worked together to heal my body. I believe that has made the healing so long lasting.

  2. Jenny’s hands demonstrate that the years of practice she has had. They are knowledgeable and efficient. She also has the ability to create a safe nurturing space for healing.

  3. Heather says:

    Jenny was my Rolfer several years ago, and helped me realign my neck as part of that bodywork. Her patience and her ability to listen through her hands were the keys to unlocking a tension I had carried for several years. It has not returned since.

    I have a pessimistic tendency to distrust my body’s abilities in terms of healing. In her bodywork, Jenny asks her clients to meet her with honesty, and she brings good things to those who are open to her efforts. She is well-versed in the body’s limitations and realizes the importance of gentleness and comfort within the healing process.

  4. Dave Warzycha says:

    Jenny has an extensive knowledge of the human body which makes her a true professional. I’ve used her as a Rolfer and a massage therapist for a number of years and got great relief. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone at anytime.

  5. Marie Gimbrone says:

    I had a car accident in 2008 and knew that massage along with chiropractic was going to be required to straighten out my neck, lower back and realign my hips. Jenny was able to easily and quickly feel where the issues were and practiced “hurts so good” techniques to get me realigned and back to my full range of motion. I shortly realized that the greater benefit was coming from massage…not only my body, but my spirit. Jenny has a way of working you through the pain and leaving you with laughter. Afterall, healing isn’t just about our bodies…it’s much more than that and Jenny realizes that and uses it in the process!

  6. Gloria Richards says:

    Jenny Rock is by far the best massage therapist I have known. She is a true therapist–she finds what’s amiss and sets about fixing it. She is not for those wishing a frou-frou massage that will put them to sleep. Jenny has an intuitive ability to find the spot that is causing the problem and showing it who is boss. She is a loving, caring person with a holistic perspective.

  7. ANNE FP says:

    Jenny helped me regain a normal life. so much tightness and pain after a head on collision in 10/08. Thanks Jenny for having eyeballs in your fingers and knowing exactly what my body needed.

  8. Colleen says:

    Jenny is the best massage therapist you will ever find. She is very professional and truly has a gift for finding and relieving those areas of pain. I had my first massage from Jenny in 1987 and can honestly say that her hands have helped me through a number of physical and emotional ailments! You couldn’t ask for a better therpist!

  9. Nancy Hanna says:

    JENNY GAVE ME MY BACK BACK! I had gone to Jenny for a hip issue that was interfering with my exercise routine. I’d gotten so used to living with a weak lower back (giving out when I bent over to get dishes out of the dishwasher, pick something up, that kind of thing) that I didn’t even think about mentioning it to Jenny — but her thoroughness and her knowledgeable hands gave me a more movable, flexible body! I am a natural skeptic, but had come to the conclusion that fascial / muscular / skeletal issues were key to a free-moving body, and I was looking for a ‘serious’ massage — Jenny knows her stuff! She is talented, caring, honest, and personable.

  10. Dr. Surah Hirsch, D.C. says:

    Couldn’t be happier to have such an experienced Body Worker added to my team. Jenny came to my office just in time to help me get moving again after a full blown spasm that caused me to cancel a full schedule of patients. All the patients at our clinic have been thrilled with her work.

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