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  1. A powerful healer, Jenny does body-work just the way I like it; potent, strong, entirely rejuvenating deep-tissue massage that leaves me feeling energized, happy, and radically different (from before I get on her table). I really love a strong massage touch, when massage therapists lightly drag their hands on me or barely touch me, as lightly as they can (and it does happen, or used to before I knew to ask for strong, deep work), it both creeps me out and doesn’t work for my body. What’s great about Jenny is that she is the expert who can tailor her touch to your body-work needs. She CAN do deep or do light work (if you want or need that) or even Rolf you (she’s certified and I can’t say enough good things about Rolfing, I’ve had the full series, the only way one should really do it, and it is life-changing). In addition, when I needed another type of massage therapy (body-work for childhood trauma), Jenny knew the exact local expert that I should see and was happy to refer me. Get on her table, your body will love you! #healing #expert #giftedhealer

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