One of the things that separates Rolfing from other types of bodywork is the  detailed assessment process we do before, during, and after each session.  Therefore it is CRITICAL to wear undergarments that you are comfortable wearing and walking in (in the privacy of the room with just us).   Undergarments are worn DURING the ENTIRE session.
  • Breasts need to be covered in a standard, back clasping bra.  Sportsbras and t-back bras block the spine and other structures we must see and treat during the session.
  • Genitals must be covered at all times.  Underwear is best if it’s cotton or a cotton blend, not a slick, synthetic material. It should also be loose enough for to work through or adjust slightly. Please avoid regular boxers, as they gap open, but boxer briefs, briefs, bikini, and even thong are fine. If you want to bring a few options with you, that’s fine. Contact your practitioner if you have any questions.