We are delighted to bring the advanced technology of the Zerona Z6 laser to Metro Portland!! 

NO REBOUND WEIGHT GAIN like with all methods that kill or remove fat.

Research based
Zero down time
Zero side effects
No tissue damage
Spot fat reduction
12 body areas per treatment

The Zerona Z6 is a low level laser used for body sculpting (body contouring) WITHOUT damaging tissue. It is truly NON-INVASIVE since no fat cells are destroyed, there is no pain and no recovery time. You won’t even feel the laser working its magic, and there are ZERO negative side effects. (The only side effects people report are things like smoother skin, reduced stretch mark visibility, better gut health, and lower cholesterol.)

This unique process safely, effectively, and painlessly emulsifies (liquifies) superficial fat cells in areas that are resistant to change from diet and exercise. 

The body then eliminates this fat naturally via the lymphatic system.  

As an added benefit, we include lymphatic massage with every laser to session to help jump start that process.

For more information, please check out our sister site,
Best Light: Laser Fat Reduction