Rolfing Series, Rolfing Session Work, and Massage

My touch always feels like “the Rolfing touch” even if we are not engaged in the Rolfing Series.  Typically clients schedule 90 minutes with me for that reason, but if yourolfer_client2_sm want a shorter session (not for the Rolfing Series or Post-Series Work), those rates are indicated below.  The Rolfing Series or Post-Series Rolfing is always the same price, regardless of the amount of time spent (though it’s usually 75-90 minutes).  The time indicated for each session refers to the amount of time spent on the table and does not include intake or other time.

These rates apply to cash, check, and debit card payments only.  Insurance fees are based strictly on the local fee schedule (which we can discuss).

30 minutes  ………………………………               $ 45.00

60 minutes  ………………………………               $ 80.00

90 minutes .………………………………               $120.00

Rolfing Sessions (per session) …………         $120.00

I can also arrange for Chair Massage on site, which may or may not be with me.  Prices to be negotiated based on many factors.

Massage and Insurance

I can bill for auto insurance immediately, providing you have a prescription from your physician.  I bill $50.00 for each 15 minute unit, which is the standard rate set by the industry in the State of Oregon.

cms1500laserSince Rolfing is only a brand name, your insurance will cover it as it would any other type of massage. (If your insurance covers massage, it will cover Rolfing.) With health insurance, all deductibles and co-pays will apply.  Frequently insurance will cover massage therapy ONLY when performed by an MD, PT, or other provider OTHER THAN a Licensed Massage Therapist.  The only exception I’ve seen is when an LMT is performing the treatment INSIDE the medical office of an approved provider, and the treatment gets billed under the name of the clinic. As there are other factors, it’s best to have me check directly with your insurance company to verify your expenses PRIOR to initiating treatment.

Other Financial Stuff

Gift Certificates in any amount are available year-round.  I can even mail them to your loved-one directly.


I NEVER want finances to be the thing to keep you from the bodywork you need.  Please let me know if you have financial concerns — perhaps we can work out some creative way to handle my fees.

At this time I am not covered by any health insurance. I can provide you a receipt you can be reimbursed by your Flex plan (if you have one), and you will likely need a prescription for your plan to reimburse you.   Some Flex plans have debit cards, which I can take.