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Rolfing can help…

The goal of Rolfing is to balance and organize the soft tissues of the body in movement and gravity. By doing this people notice more efficiency in their bodies leading to less muscle and joint pain, among other things.

Reduce Pain


Improve sports performance

Increase Range of Motion

Our Team

While we are all independent, we work together to ensure that everyone receives the best care possible. Feel free to ask any of us about the others.  Due to COVID-19, some of us may not take new clients at this time.  Feel free to reach out to us so we can discuss your situation and make an educated decision that keeps everyone safe and healthy.

Jenny Rock

Certified Advanced Rolfer ™

Rolfer since 2001

LMT since 1989 

OR #LMT-19379

Michael Valenti

Certified Advanced Rolfer ™

Rolfer since 2008

LMT since 2011

OR #LMT-18427

Cole Tracy

Certified Rolfer ™

Rolfer since 2017

LMT since 2019

OR #LMT-25474

James Jacoby

Licensed Massage Theraipst

LMT since 2008

OR #LMT-23189

Blog Posts

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